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Sunday, July 31, 2011


I don't know you personally, But that doesn't matter to me I KNOW you are gorgeous, No matter your race, religion, or gender! I wear make-up, yes, That doesn't mean I think I'm ugly I've learned to apply make-up to where it enhances my features, it doesn't make me look or seem like I'm someone else. I LOVE natural beauty, I think because it's so rare it really stands out in a crowd. If you wear make-up don't wear it for boys, popularity, or friends. Wear it for  yourself! I'm not going to do all natural make-up looks, honestly most of my make-up looks are fun and vibrant, but I'll do toned down stuff for school and such. So in short with or without make-up never be anyone but YOU:)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Story Behind be-YOU-tiful

Girls are shown pictures of superstars and models, and they feel like they have to look just like them. The prettiest person you can ever be is YOU. They don't realize that in the pictures they see, the models have been airbrushed and every single flaw, every single thing that makes them human, is photo shopped into "blissful" perfection. I will use models but they will be real girls not airbrushed not photo shopped, this blog is all about personal empowerment through fashion,makeup, jewelry, and hair. I will do all kinds of D-I-Y stuff, almost everything you see i'll show you how to recreate it. Never stop being YOU:)