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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!!

Quote Of The Week-
"Fashions fade, style is eternal."
-Yves Saint Lauren
Happy labor day to all!
  This picture reminds me of labor day and why we celebrate it, it is a day to honor all the hard working people that keep this country working, so lets put a modern twist on this hairstyle...
What you need:
Hair Elastics
Cotton Bandana
Bobby pins
Teasing comb
Hair wax
Shine Spray
1.) Make sure your hair is brushed out and tangle free
2.) Take the top front half of your hair and Tease it , You can spray then tease But it's best for your hair to tease then spray, As if you were going to poof it!
3.) Poof it! Pin the hair back making sure the poofyness is concentrated in the front... (For best results when bobby pinning poof Push the bobby pin in like normal then twist it forwards and push)
4.) Optional: Getting a tiny bit of pomade on your hand smooth back the little flyaways, on the front of your head, so your hair doen't start to look frizzy.
5.)With all the hair that is still down You can do a few things with it
5a.) Gather hair into a High pony tail and braid when you finish the braid wrap it around the ponytail forming a twist and pin into place.
5b.) Repeat all the steps above just without braiding
5c.) Make a messy bun
5d.) (takes more time) Curl your hair then pull it up into a ponytail.
6.) Take your bandana Or head scarf and wrap it around your head tying it off right behind the poof and in front of the ponytail/bun.
7.) optional: Spray shine spray all over to get a glossy look.
8.) ROCK IT!
Thanks Guys!!
Hope everybody has a great labor day and awesome week!
More posts soon!

1 comment:

  1. I like that. I would try it if I had hair. Have you any tips for bald guys with massive beards?