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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Faves

Make-up products-

I'm actually almost all out of this oh-so amazing foundation. It's Estee Lauder "lucidity." It is my obsession at the moment!

This convertible color from Stila is awesome it really is a gorgeous color. This one is rose 06.

This gorgeous color is number 234 from ulta. It's a great understated pink that I absolutely LOVE for fall.

I just bought this mascara, and I'm loving it. this is Lash perfection by cover girl in very black.

Body products:

My new obsession is definitely body butter. i love how thick it is, it's so hydrating, and during the weather changes skin tends to dry out.

This perfume is awesome! It's very flirty and light. This is charmed by unforgettable moments.    

A scarf, You guys knew this was coming... this particular one is perfect because of how thick it is, but also it can be worn in a way that makes it light. I got this scarf from Old Navy.

These are definitely a splurge worth splurging for! they are great slouchy boots. Now, this is unusual but i love them and they are made by Uggs.

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